Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We be on our way

Dearest Internet,
Today was quite the day!
I was able to spend it, every part of it, with everyone that I LOVE and am going to miss like crazy.
BUT! yay me! I have still managed to not cry! weeoo!
ANYWAY! tomorrow is the big day! plane leaves at 650 in the evening in which I will be leaving from Toronto, Canada and landing in Paris, France :) yay!
While thinking about my departure, and considering I am going to embarrass myself just by writing this stupid blog in the first place, I have decided to embarrass myself some more and let everyone know what I am going to miss most about this dear homeland of mine-
1) maple syrup.
2) blueberries
3) peanut butter
4) onion rings
5) moccasins
6) sweat pants! big time!
8) skiing
9) pretty maple trees
10 ) FAM JAM
11) English
12) knowing people

other then that! ROCK ON FRANCE ! here I come :)
When i get there it will be 830 in the morning...so that should be interesting because, apparently, I will be going to a welcome to France party that night...great! ha ha not like I'm not excited! I just like being able to yannow, think and be able to talk with my eyes open, so I guess i will have to adjust! Which will be totally fine, because I will be so excited anyway ha ha

I just am so excited! ah! I don't even know what to do! Finally finished packing! 48 lbs! awesomeness! leaves room for stuff to come back ;) ha ha SHOPPING? i think so!

anyway, yeah so, France tomorrow!
I guess ill post when I get there ha ha :) with pictures hopefully!! :)
hopefully, if you read this you totally don't think I am a conceded freak who likes to talk about herself..or pathetic...cause that would be..not good.


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  1. course we would never think you are a concieted freak or pathetic :P

    well perhaps a little . jk, haha, miss you already ;(