Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dear internet <3
First, i would like to appologize for my tardyness with this, i have actually wrote it three times and each time it has been deleted. meh. not cool computer...not cool.
Arrived in Paris safe and tired two days ago now! Paris, for those who have yet to go, if without doubt the most beautiful, elegant, romantic and fashionable city in the world. In reality, it fits percetly the true deffinition of awesome ;)

The beauty doesnt even compare to anything that I have seen in canada. People, buildings, stores, paintings, everything is just outstanding. I think that I could, in all honesty, spend my whole life, just walking around and looking at beautiful architecture that is found in every roof top and corner of this magnificient city. Its honestly great.

After landing in the early hours in the morning, we were immidiatly taken to a hostage, where we left our stuff and were told to go directly to lunch and then directly for a four hour tour around paris by bus! only being able to see, but not stop and enter the beautiful paces. That wasn't awesome, but then again it allowed me not to have to walk around paris looking like I had just been unable to use a shower for three weeks, and still see the sights! which was great!!

after a long long long long long day, I was finally able to take a shower, eat dinner and go to bed! but there were some things that i had noticed about the people and the places that I had been in Paris, and their differences when compared to Canada, so I wrote them down and deciede to share them!!

1) no matter your strenght in french, everyone speaks to you in french because there are so many different accents found around the country that they just assume that you have a wierd one :)

2) People here are very touchy. to great, no matter who or when or for what occasion, its alway a double kiss, on either side of the face, inlike the easier, HEY WHADDUP with a casual wave of the hand that I tried...

3) Every single person in france is well dressed. Everyone, be them babies or elders dress formidablement. Even beggers on the street are better dressed then some people in Canada that go to school

4) At all the important buildings and places there are army guards circulating everywere with their guns in hand and looking out for any trouble. it is not very pleasant, and kills the moment

5) bearly anyone on the streets or in train stations are plugged into their ipods. everyone is reading a book or the paper, or just walking... and smoking. seriously, everyone smoke, EVERYONE.

6) hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaha IT WAS PLUS 17 TODAY!!!! HAHAHAH <3 love you.

7)  no where is really wheel chair accesable... sorry mom <3

8) Baguette is eaten all the time at every meal during every hour of the day! its crazyy.

9) People who are older then you require respect and you have to show it to them. you dont sit in class until the teacher says you may be seated... wish someone woulda told me... but no... thats cool... im a little innocent canadian girl...hahaha

10) Appariently, asking for change for a five dollar bill  to use the bathroom from the only store in the whole train stations, without purchasing murchandise which consited of magasines and pens and gum and chips, is totally and un thinkably rude and just unthoughtof. If this happens, the clerck will then present herself looking like a bull that has just seen red for the first time, which gives you the signal pretty clearly to get out if you want to live. or so i have herd..

Baisically those are just a couple things that I found interesting and different about France! haha some good some diffrent some just unpleasant. CRAZY FRENCH LADY!

After having a great sleep, I woke up, had breeakfast, was taken to the train station, borded a train, and arrived in ARGENTAN!!

Juliette and here mom were there to greet me with open arms, and took me right back to her house to have a bit of lunch and then tour the city and allow me to attend my first class. it was phisique. it was a fail. i understood nothing and the teacher was crazy! haha its so true when people say that teachers here really are not interested in being friends. ohhh baby! was she uniterested. after that we walked around her cute little town, peeked into shops and restaurants and then returned back to her house to eat dinner and slleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp <3 .... which I soon realised I could not do because I wasnt tired enough that it over took my excitment! oops.

TODAY I WENT SHOPPIINNGGG!!! that was so awesome! Juliette and I woke up and went for a run in the french campaign with her dog, then returned and went to get her friend, whom we then brought with us to Caen, where we spend the whole day eating french pastries and window shopping and just having a good time!

we then went to meet Juliettes sisters and had a really nice and simple dinner @ a chinese restaurant. even chinese food is better, lol

After that, we returned home, to the position that I presently find myself in typing this. haha
Anyway, that, in a pretty little nutshell, is the just of what I have been doing, I probs didnt explain it as well as i should have... but thats ok! I have three months to improve :)

Alrighty then!!
talk to you soon :)
Jenny !


  1. P.S- sorry about all the spelling mistakes... :/

  2. WOOOOOOW SO JEALOUS OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMG food sounds so delicious, the weather sounds so nice, the buildings sounds so beautiful, u better treasure every day of ur life for the next 3months <3 LOL

  3. hahahahah I do I do TIna <3 miss you a lot though <3

  4. ahahah jenny you make me laugh!! this sounds sooo amazing though, you don't even know how jellin i am!!! have fun, don't max out the credit card too quickly :P

  5. max out the credit card?? me?? NEVER!!!
    jkjk haha ill try not to...itll be a challenge though... lol