Monday, February 14, 2011

First Day Of School : )

Dear Internet!
Today was a really fun day for many reasons!!!
First off, it was my first full day at school,
Second, I got to wear heels all day and that was just awesome!
Third,I had a huuuuuuugeeee delish cookie at lunch that was shaped in an enormous heart and was chocolate and was just wonderful,
Fourth, I got to be in France all day! Which is still something that I find incredible to wake up to !
Speaking of waking up and being excited about France, guess who woke up today and had such a good sleep that she totally forgot where she was for like twenty seconds... funny right? no! I must have looked crazy to Juliette who was trying to explain to me that we had to get ready to go to school and I was like...sure...who are you? of course I did not say that, but either way, it was not funny.
Anyway, so today I got up and went downstairs. OMG AWESOME JENNY!! I know.
jkjk I must say that, among the multiple different things that there is here, three of my favorite things all happened this morning.
One, I didn't have to make a lunch!!! yay!
Two, I ate freshly made scones for breakfast! holy! why are all these people so amazing at cooking and baking? I do not know! but it is freaking awesome!!
Three, I spend an HOUR eating breakfast! ONE WHOLE HOUR OF A SCHOOL DAY MORNING EATING BREAKFAST!! ahhh!!! so awesome.
So after I was all ready to go to school,Juliette's mom drove me down to the school gates, where we waited until some big man with a Key opened it.We then walked up to her french class, OMG french in french. ou baby. They were in the midst of learning grammar that was only ever written down, never spoken, and is past tense and refers to a part of time that is only happens once... I talked to the person beside me and drew pretty pictured!
We then went to the library, which was only for her grade (each grade has their own library) .I chilled and listened to my Ipod, and then asked to do her English homework while she worked on math and physics for an hour, then we returned to English!!!! BEST. CLASS. EVER.
The English teacher had a Strong British accent, but was this worked, I have no clue. She was trying to teach her class about the Empire State building and it was so jokes the answers that she would get from the class. The highlights of my day were when she would ask a question to the class, and then some students would give the right answer and she would say that they were wrong! it was so jokes! I'm pretty sure I counted like 5 times where she was wrong and it wasn't even funny anymore.
Then, there was lunch, quickly followed by history class, in which we learnt about hurricane Katrina, and how all Americans are stupid because instead of getting ready for it, they just partied, and they deserved what they got...this concept was definitely debatable, but I surely do not have the french vocabulary to do so, yet! we also learnt about some cool things that I had never even heard of, like the earthquake that hit France! There was an earthquake? I had no clue!!!
And then there was math.....ohhh boyyy.... Canada is so far behind its worrisome. They were learning things that I am pretty sure I have never seen in any textbook! Or maybe it was because it was all in french? who knows! all I know is that that was by far the best doodling time period I have ever had! successful too! I managed to get every song that I had in my head out of my head by writing it down! yay!
Presently, Juliette and I have returned home and I await another completely different day tomorrow, in which instead of three thirty, school will finish at 5! how excited am I !!
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how it is different here, and how I am enjoying it, and I also just wanted to talk in English for a while so, yeah!
haha hope that whoever read this isn't dead from boredom, if you are then I am sorry. :P
also I hope that there are not as many spelling mistakes.. I re read it this time so i hope were good!! haha


  1. i;m not bored yet jenny, it sounds soooo amazing!!!! i am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HYAHAHA the whole ENglish part SOOOO FUNNNNNY

    is everyone like "speak English speak English!!!"

    anwyays, soooundsooo awesome!!! fresh scone in the morning? WOW jealous. How far is the school from Juliettes??? and what time does it start?? xoxo

  3. Haha not really, no one really speaks english so no one really cares much, except for this one girl who is super nice and thinks that American english is the coolest thing ever!!
    School is like 10 min drive from juliettes house.. not far @ all! and it starts at 830! we ended at six today! ew. haha <3 bisous!