Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Second day!

Dear Internet!
This one should be shorter then the last one, sorry about that! there was just so much say!!
Anyways, today was just as new and exciting as yesterday, but longer :/ meh. school finishing @ 5 is not something I am ever going to appreciate.
Today, the courses that I took were;
1) Physics
4)University Prep...Sorta
5)Social Studies
Full day no? yes!
So, to start off, the physics teacher scared me half to hell! (pardon me, but it true!) he was a big man, who spoke in a deep voice, and walked slowly around the classroom, like hawk hovering over its prey! He would not take no for an answer, spoke and paused for effect, and made me so scared that I hesitated when he asked me how to spell my name! he was a very scary dude! When he was teaching his class about the speed of light of from the moon the the earth, and asked for an answer, everyone just looked around, or played with their hands, or bit their nails, or did whatever it took not to be chosen! Not good times! But, that class finished and it was on to the next one! Except....we had him again later for University Prep...in which he spent (no jokes) a full hour on telling us how to properly take notes, and how the American and Canadian Universities force notes to be written a certain way. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, but the other exchange student and I were not going to tell him this, because we both, quite frankly like having our heads on our bodies! Now, I know that its seems that I spend all my time criticising how everything that is taught to French students about Canada, but both the other exchange student and I agree that we have no idea WHAT they are talking about every time they refer to Canada or American ways, but its only been two days so we will see...
Math was boring, hehe to say the least, I rocked the doodles again, and then English we went to the computer lab to study New York .Its cool to be in a class where the only knowledge of anything about New york comes from Gossip Girl episodes! Some people were fascinated that France had actually given up, not only something of its own making, but to the United Stated no less, the Statue of Lliberty! OMG, WOAH WOAH WOAH! This universal sign for the Big Apple,  was not made by the Americans!? The French gave it to them! DUUUUDEEEEE! hahaha that was a good class!
FOR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY came lunch time! Juliette's friends, took me to a little restaurant that served these big, huge, meat loaded sandwiches called Kabebs...Kebobs...Kabobs.. I don't know, but they were OUT. OF. THIS . WORLD. eep! even though they were invented in eastern Europe (thank you mister know it all who shall not be named and shouldn't be so sassy in the future.You know who you are) The French def perfected them! They were so good, but unfortunatly there is nothing that I would compare them too...I don't know if they have them in Canada, but if they do, EAT ONE. ahh!
When returning, we arrived late because I simply had to buy an Eclaire, and walked into Spanish, in which she spoke only in Spanish and I knew nothing. Seriously! these kids know way to many languages! so I just stared blankly at the teacher as time flew by!
When the bell rang we all had to go downstairs to the quiet room. Yes, the quite room, where you are forced to sit for an hour and do nothing. nothing. nooooooothing. We did this because, due to some stroke of genius, a boy in our grade decided to take a permanent marker and draw all over the library yesterday. Idiot. So, unlike in Canada, where only one person gets punished, all of us, every student from this grade, had to go and sit in this class, while a skinny cranky lady leaned over everyone telling them to keep quiet when the only noise being made were breaths of air! Twas not the best experience ever. But at least now I know that I do not want to ever get in trouble here! not like I didn't know that before...its just reinforced now...
The day finished by French, and Juliette and I returned home, to where I once again find myself writing this! haha
Anyways, that's about it! hehe until L8R! Sorry that wasn't exactly short..
Bisous (totally still not used to that)