Friday, February 25, 2011

I don't know what to post as a title... how do you title a blog? I dont know, if anyone has any sugggestions, feel free to tell me because I really don't have a clue! anyway!! ( oh and I am not doing the whole blog 1, blog 2, blog 3 thing!! so lame!! :P)

Well actually, to be super specific about this whole time change thing, Good early morning to all central Canadians and Americans, Good late morning to all the whales in the middle of the Atlantic, Good evening to everyone in south-eastern Russia, and Good middle of the afternoon to everyone in France, who should all be either working or at school right now! And if you are not, and, say, your exchange student suggested that you stay home today because it was the last day before vacation and the teachers are going to be in a horrible mood (NO. THANK. YOU) and you "look tired" like me! Then congratulations! You are so lucky! You should just be so happy with your life right now! Especially if you just had like 6 crèpes ( which you made and were pretty decent for a Canadian) with Nutella! If you are said person, then really, take a moment to think of how lucky you are, and then go eat some more crèpes cause you know that they are awesome!
Hehehe, ANYWAYS, so there is just so much to say, but I have decided (as you may have noticed, I like to clearly say that I have decided to do things, it just makes me feel that much more organised when writing this blog, and I need as much organisation as possible, because quite frankly, when you are trying to write about everything you think people would care at all about, that you have done in the past three or four days, and your brain works like mine, organisation is KEY), but yeah, I have decided to, once again, make a list! yay lists!
So to start off, I would like to publicly announce that Jennifer Joan Casson + The Fine Art of French Cooking = NO!, HECK NO, NEVER AGAIN, LEAVE IT TO THE REAL FRENCH PEOPLE TO COOK AND YOU CAN JUST EAT BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST.... NO!!!
Exaggeration?? Nope, I seriously do not have the patience, clearly, or the " natural cuisine sense" to possibly come near a fine french cooking book, and attempt to bake, ever again. Although, like I said, I did master the Crèpes... or so I though. Juliette thought that they were pancakes, wait no, Juliette wasn't going to even let me argue. They were pancakes- so, not going to argue with that, but they totally had some resemblance, AND I Tried. Its not easy when you compete with her, cause she is seriously a wizard of baking. So, in the end result, with my fail of baking of the pancakes/ Crèpes, Juliette took over and I took credit for them to boost my self esteem! Thus, my crèpes were amazing, just like any other crèpes made by a French person! yay! Although, I made the batter with soy milk instead of real milk thinking it would be the same end result... Ooops, I mean, it worked... but... sugar NEEDED to be added to you know... give then some taste, instead of just eating what tastes like paper. So, sugar, and Juliettes homemade ( YES!! THEY HAVE FRUIT TREES, OF EVERY GOOD FRUIT, YEAR ROUND, IN THEIR BACKYARD!!!) jams were added profusely!
But, like I told one of my favorite people in the world wide world, who was wearing a matching snowflake sweater and headband that was, quite honestly, hilarious, you should know who you are :D, I am going to bring back the best baking book that I can find that is full of amazing French deserts that are do-able (yeah, its going to be quite a search, but I am definitely up for the challenge!!) and we are going to cook the greatness right out of it, and put it right out on a plate! Its going to be EPIC! hehe... and then we are going to eat it, because, I don't think that looking at something that is made from a French cookbook can possibly sit in the eyes of humans for over two minutes and not be eaten, its just way to appealing, or smells way too good!!
Anyways, so although I was so excited to get over my fear and get on Juliettes horse, and ride off into the sunset, I still have to unfortunately say that I have not yet
mounted that horse! ( literally and figuratively... I think) I don't know what it is, but I can just not manage to get over my fear! I mean, I know that I will eventually because, Juliette was an amazing trouper when she came to Canada, and really did everything! and I mean everything! Folks, this little 5'4 french girl came over to Canada, and got right into Junior Boys AMERICAN FOOTBALL! ON THE HIGH SCHOOL TEAM. Sorry, big deal. really big deal. And look at me, I can't even get on a horse, possibly because I know it will kill me and buck me right off, but yeah! But no! I will! I WILL RIDE THE HORSE!!! ... later... :P haha Don't worry though, you will be the first to know!! XD
OH AND COOLEST THING!!! There is going to be another exchange student in this house!! haha, basically, a girl from Germany is going to come and stay in the house for a bit. To be honest, it was kind of random, I mean the principal of the school just called Chantal ( Juliettes mom) and asked if an exchange student could stay at her house for a while, and Chantal, being one of the nicest people I have ever met, said yeah for sure! So now there are going to be THREE, no make that FOUR (Juliette can speak Spanish!) languages under one roof!!!! how cool is that!? maybe I will be able to get in touch with some of my long lost German roots and pick up a couple of words or phrases! How cool would that be!! XD lol, I don't know, I am pretty excited!!
ASSSSSSS for the poetry... well unfortunately, I know how much everyone LOVED the last one! haha lol, no, but I have decided to put that to bed, no more poetry. I'm going to have to go back to the doodling days when I go back to school............ in TWO WEEKS BECAUSE MARCH BREAK STARTS TOMORROW!!!! WEOOOO!!! not like I really need a vacation from anything because, I am pretty much on a three month vacation! NO but seriously SOO excited!!!! VENICE <3
Anyways, that about it for now, with many more exciting and mind blowing things to come (haha just kidding, I just like to type a whole bunch or random stuff that I find to be some what valuable enough to put on my blog!) but yeah, thanks for reading XD !!
Jenny :D


  1. Oh, and to whom this may concern (mom)... sorry for saying anyways, I know its not gramarically correct, but.. sorry...

  2. that's so crazy that you're going to venice, because i'm going to italy over march break as well!!!!!!!!!! craziness! , and i think you should keep up the poetry, i qutie liked it :)