Friday, February 18, 2011

More about school :D

Dear Internet!! <3
SOOOO, what have I done these past two days over here in France?? Well, let me see! I know... I have been doing awesome things, that's it! that would make sense!
OK SO WHAT AWESOME things have I been doing!!?? lets see...
woke up- awesome! ate some bread with jam and French frosted flakes- awesome! Wore Sperry's (which by the way are considered to be old people shoes here in France, so note; if you come to France and want to look young...or pretend to be hip and in style... don't wear them ha ha) to school in the middle of February- DOUBLE AWESOME! (PS, in case anyone is wondering why I am saying awesome so much, its cause, well A) everything really is awesome and B) As weird as this may be, my dad, good old Dave, hates how much I say it, so because I miss him, and want to clarify his doubtful thoughts, and prove to him that I will come home, I want to remind him that I have to return, because its not like I can rely on Joe to annoy you like I can  :D hehehe)
Juliette and I arrived on time for our Thursday classes at 800 in the morning, and started off the day with a solid two hours in the weight room with her class!
Dear god that was awful. I don't know how many of you know me, or how many people read this, but those of you who do know me, know that I DO NOT LIFT WEIGHTS! I have the arm strenght of a elderly ant, and there is no way hosé that I am lifting a metal bar with two 15 kilos on either end! No. Thank. You.
But, apparently, I had to... so I reduced it to five on either side and did three sets of ten AND I WAS SO PROUD!!! 
But then... this really nice girl, who is seriously the sweetest thing to ever walk planet earth (oh and by the way shes fourth in the country for kayaking, while competing an age group up, no big deal or anything) came and decided it was her turn to lift weights... all of a sudden... the happiness shriveled away as she effortlessly lifted 15 kilos, either side, three sets of ten, no sweat! GAWK!
Then, after the two hour humiliation class, we returned to our homeroom to continue with the rest of our day.
Starting with our 55 minutes (each class is 55 minutes BTW, I guess I never mentioned that, but yeah 55 minutes except for the last two classes on Friday which are an hour and a half each) of math, In which I actually knew what I was doing and what was being taught!! yay!! that was another highlight of the day, lifting ten kilogrammes was also a personal highlight, and if anyone is laughing, well, stop reading, and you try to lift some weights!! not easy...only if you do lift weights do you have the right to laugh! hehehe
Anyway, so then, after math, there was history/geography, and that was positively dreadful! not like I didn't like it because it was boring, quite on the contrary, it was quite entertaining, but there was just this really sad 20 minute clip, film thing that the teacher showed us that was WAY to graphic! WAY to sad! and the French people were speaking WAY to fast. It was basically about people panicking about the recent explosion of a nuclear plant, in Toulouse, that had blown up the entire city, killing 30, and wounding 9000, leaving another ten thousand people homeless. I asked Juliette if it was even legal that we were watching this, and apparently, it is a learning experience, and things like this are shown frequently in this class;
WELL, I know when ill be going to the bathroom now don't I ! not sitting through that again!
THEN THERE WAS LUNCH!! highlight nubaaaahhh ttthhrreeee!!!! KABOOBBSSSSSS!!! lliiiffeeee!!!! Haha and chocolate covered marshmallow aftah! delish! yumm!!
Followed by French, which seems to be getting better!
English, which is just a really fun class to be in!
And Spanish (were not going to talk about that, it's dreadful, and everyone can tell for sure by my face that I have NO idea what it going on!) oh, and by the way, guess who thought it would be a Great idea to go on a class field trip, thinking we were going to be in a hotel for a week in Spain? yeah. me. fail.
We will be the special guests in the home of some pleasant Spanish folk, who have kindly offered to open there homes for five days...and are encouraged to speak Spanish at our best level, practicing our hardest and giving our all with the Spanish that we have been learning for six years now! oh goody! Como estas sinor? bad. haha I debate weather or not I should still go... suggestions?? OMG YEAH!! If you think I should go or not go, or have been to Spain before and thing it is really worth while, let me know! Cause I'm kind of thinking of passing on it, due to the whole going to Venice thing as well :D haha
Any who, We then had a 15 minute break, and finished that day by choosing what University in France we are going to attend, and also choosing what career we are going to have when we are older! After filling out the online survey, my options for success in life are, librarian or nurse or painter!!! haha I laughed out loud!
School then ended at Six, and Juliette and I returned home! AWESOME DAY!! seriously though, I'm not very good at expressing joy through... blogging, but I actually had a great day, it was just one of those days that's not too fast, not too slow, you don't over do it or under do it and its calm and easygoing! I love those days and I had one yesterday, which then made it an awesome day! AWESOME!
Ahh Friday! Well...
Today was just as good as yesterday minus the Kabob, muscle training, and ending at six!
We looked at ecosystems in science, through microscopes, which was really interesting to see because I have never looked at soil and piles of leaves to the depth the we investigated them today, and I know that seems sarcastic, but its not! I really liked it! and understood everything the teacher was saying! wahoo!
And then to end the day that I have told so much about, we had physics, where I was once again reminded, like in many other classes, how far behind the Canadian school system is, and how they should really step it up!
Yeah, I was utterly lost in his class, until he asked what GPS stood for and I knew that! and then I was lost again...He was saying something like...mass, weight, variable, vertex, altitude, longitude, distance formula, weight measurement, big number...
I tried to stay focused, but understanding his french is just as hard as understanding the material that he is teaching the class!
To finish off the day! I once again find myself here, writing this, hopefully you haven't totally lost track of what your reading and are thinking who is this idiot!
And I am also thinking about Canada. Actually, to be specific, maple toffee in the snow.. but yeah.. Canada <3
As odd as this may sound and as much as I have tried to deny it, now that I have been to a different country, even though its only been a week, I feel like I, personally, really do have a home in Canada, and since I am so used to the people and the grocery stores (random, I know, but they are really different here!) and the streets and the buildings and the way of life back home, and since it is so very different here, this thought that Canada is home is only reinforced every time I think about it... haha
Anyways, that's it for now, hope you are not like...dying of girlish talk, or repetition of the word  AWESOME, or just bored in general!


  1. go to spain!! are you crazy?!?! there's lots of fun things like eating good food...and going to church!! plus even if you hate it (which you won't) you'll only be there for a week :)

  2. WOW chocolate covered marshmellows HAHAH yum
    and is it weird like writing in english and then speaking french al lthe time? I hope ur english doesnt suck when u get back hom hahaha

  3. yes they were amazing haha and I will make sure that my english doesnt suck when I get back! :) haha and yeah I was going to go no matter what anyone said haha!! lol