Friday, February 25, 2011

Something I found to be a little shocker!! :P

Dear Internet,
I am so sorry, I completely forgot I had something else that I wanted to say, that I didn't put on my list but just remembered! YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT LISTS ARE! haha I could have completely forgotten this! I mean, its not exactly the most important thing in the world, but still, I thought it would be perhaps interesting to mention, and plus, I have this need to rant and type, hehe, so here goes!!! Oh yeah, and if you don't like to hear someone rant about their opinion on something that they unfortunately know very little about but still manages to upset them, then please please for the sake of you still liking me after you read this, don't! lol
Alright so basically, I have pretty much been talking about all the things that I have seen, or that I have enjoyed, or just things about my personal experience, but I haven't really talked to to much about the differences and similarities between our two great countries ( that being Canada and France lol), or maybe I have.. not sure, either way, I HAVE ANOTHER COMPARISON!
So, I was talking to Chantal, on the way back from Juliette's horseback riding school (no :( , I did not go no the horse yet... BUT I FED IT A CARROT. It was a big moment...), and we got talking about sketchy parts of Argentan, and places I should avoid when walking around. This struck me as interesting because when we drove around the area, it looked just like the areas that are found in Kingston, or Ottawa, or Toronto or even Philadelphia (random I know, but its true) and I just thought, like I have before, how everything is so different in Europe, but then again so similar. How weird of a description is that right? haha
No but in all honesty it true, and so I made another wonderful list to contrast and compare, and show how in general, things are the same, but when you look at it closely, so different !!
Things that are the same (general) - grocery stores,  bathrooms, school, town layouts, and shoe stores ( shoes!! <3)
Things that are different in these generally similar places: Every single product in the grocery store is different, I do not think that I have seen one thing being sold, found commonly in Canada, except for Nutella <3. Even the Coca cola (which is sold in a glass bottle here!!) has a different label!, Bathrooms...well they have bathrooms, but the toilet is by itself in a little room, and the sink and shower is in a different room... interesting...yet rather annoying... haha. School, well, as I have explained, teachers are horrible and have no souls, and that's being nice, and even Juliette parents would agree haha, school ends at 5 o'clock at average, no one does school sports...unless smoking is a sport, then everyone gets an A++++++ and will all place gold in the smoking Olympics!jkjk not everyone, because there are for sure some champion athletes at Jean d'Arc (the school I am attending) For instance, Juliette who is a National level equestrian ( sound so much better then horseback rider!! hehe), and Marion, fourth in the country for Kayaking, and another boy who is a national level Tennis player. Pretty much, if you are good at a sport.. you are really good at a sport! haha. The towns are the same, as in there are sketchy regions, nice regions, downtown, uptown and country areas, but everything has a higher sophistication/ European style to it, which never get old...except for the fact that it is literally old.. haha. And the shoe stores.... well they have shoe stores... lol but THEY ARE 1000 TIMES AWESOMER CAUSE THEY. HAVE. ITALIAN. SHOES!!! and that is just so much better then sneakers and crocks, I can even begin to express it!! haha
Anyway, so getting back to the point that I was trying to make (that, here everything is the same but different)! Those were the first examples, but wait, there is more!! Just one more, don't worry I wont go on forever! But yeah, so, like I said, I was talking to Chantal about the different parts of the city, and how its pretty bad here, but in Paris, the most beautiful, romantic and fashionable city in the world, it is even worse! At first, I was shocked! I would never have guessed that that could possibly be true, but when you think about it, it makes so much sense! Apparently, All the refugees that come in by plane gather and form regions on the outskirts of Paris.She told me that if you were to walk in these areas you would want to be with at least five other people to feel safe! eeeeepppp!!!
From what I gathered, these regions are formed because certain banks and other big enterprises buy out all the apartments and town houses in order for "future development" or leasing them at a ridiculously high price, which take away home's for people to live in, thus people gathering together in small home's and apartments, sometimes seven to a room! Not only this, but say one of the banks leases one of their rooms, well this generally is going to cost people 600 euros per month! which is ridiculous! people shouldn't have to pay that amount of money for an out of Paris unstable home! and not only not only that, BUT THIS COST IS FOR AREAS 3 METERS BY 3 METERS!! I'm sorry, but as a fifteen year old girl able to have the luxury of a fully furnish and heated home, I find it outrageous that banks and companies have the right to do this, and are fully aware that these people have no were else to go! Plus, if you are raised in these regions and you try to make a life for yourself by leaving and getting a job, when asked where you are from, THE SECOND you tell them you are from that region, bye bye out the door!
Now, I don't know what percentage of the information I have just talked about is correct, because, well it was told to me in French may be a little incorrect, but the main point is there! While people are living in the high class luxury of Paris home's, just down the street are three to a twin bed, two twin beds to a room! Now, I know what your thinking, w/e Jenny, this happens everywhere stop trying to make a point that's been made before, and your no activist, BUT SERIOUSLY! This sort of thing should happen in places like... I don't know, just not Paris! Paris, for heavens sake!! This just shocked me, and I felt like I needed to have a good old rant about it so I'm sorry !!! ha ha BUT SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY! Does this not upset anyone else!!??
Other then that, Paris still remains to be the most beautiful and interesting city I have ever set my eyes on! And despite the tragedy that lies on its outskirts, I still love it XD. The streets are full of lights, as with the pretty store windows and historical sites!!! Everything is pretty by day, but glorious by night! I personally think that it glows in the dark (hahaha get it? glows as in like a girl glows with beauty and glows because of all the lights!! hehe funny..)
Sorry for ranting again, and going on forever...I hope you don't think I'm physco....!!

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