Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More more and ummm more!

Dear Internet <3
DUM DII DUMMM hummm... starting these are always so complicated!! WOW!
Ok so, instead of recounting every single detail of my life here in the past five days like I have done in my previous recounts of my life here, I have just decided that I will skip to everything that yo'll might actually... have a slight interest in... maybe haha! But, unlike before, where I didn't organise what I was going to say and didn't keep it super short like I wanted to, I decided, as I sat in class looking out the window in Spanish (yeah... thats still not going so well, but the teacher is super funny and doesn't really care when I look at her like she is a crazy person, which is really beneficial, cause that is seriously the only look I think I have ever given her, when I really don't mean to be rude, but seriously... NO IDEA WHAT you are trying to say... but hey, if it helps, it sure sounds pretty! ) anyway, so I decided that I would make a list of things that I should mention! So, here directly from my hand written (in feather pen..yeah its awesome.) (jkjk, but its really cool looking and so much more awesome then your average pen that is used by the majority of the world) is a list of things, put into paragraphs, that have happened or have been on my mind through out the past couple of days!
Ok so to starts off, I went to my first french party on Saturday! Weoo wasn't that fun!! haha... I woke up the next morning feeling like a fat cow due to the excessive amounts of cakes that I previously inhaled the night before, which was so worth it, cause even though these kids are 16, their mothers still feel obliged to send some baked goods as a thank you to the hosts of the party!! OK!  AWESOME? yeah! thank you god! Also, unlike anything I have ever been too, people actually brought like lights th dance with, like lights that you have at a elementary or high school dance or formal! that was so cool! the house was so full of colors!! hehe loved it!
Anyways, back on to the subject of teachers that I have previously talked about, which remain to be AWFUL. No but seriously, the physics teacher I do believe actually has no soul, he is cold as ice. Now, i know what you are thinking...why the hate? well ill tell you why!! This weekend, a very good friend of Juliette's was in a car accident! A CAR ACCIDENT! trust me, that is a big deal. So, this boy was really badly hurt, and came to school on Tuesday with his arm in a sling, and sat down in physics class. Well boy oh boy did the physics teacher not cut him any slack (and yes he was fully aware of the accident!). When the teacher called for the homework this boy, with good reason no doubt, was unable to say it was completed, so the teacher got furious!  as per usual... not only that, but the boys arm that was hurt was his writing arm, and for punishment, he was assigned a two hour homework essay to hand in for Thursday! Well, as the boy politely said, he could not write this because his hand ISN'T WORKING... guess what the teacher said... USE YOUR OTHER HAND!!! good sweet god above did I want to say something! wow! sorry if its annoying that I went on for so long about that, but seriously! its a little unbelievable!
But on to a positive note, well not really positive, just a little heads up for all the bakery's... in this country! i have officially lost all my self restraint haha, the bakery's, even two weeks in (wow that's like lightning!) they are still just as good as the very first ones I tried, and maybe even better! woah, there are these things that are called Paris Brests, I think.. lol and they are just like eclaires, except more cream and almond flavoured!!! UMMMYYYYYYYYYYY eeee! I tell myself every time, I will not buy them, but its not fair when Juliette's parents offer to buy it for me!! hehe I mean, I wouldn't ever want to be rude and say no! That's just a sign of.... its just rude! you just simply have to accept.... oh darn hehehehe!
Although I am still getting used to the kisses every morning, everything else seems to be much easier now, and I really feel like I am starting to, not blend in, but adapt more to the ways of the average french person, and as weird as that may sound, its actually very different. Certain things that they are very used to and are very common, would be completely rejected by many people in Canada, and again, many things that we do, they would never do here. For example, here, things like the culinary arts are very important, and its not like, every woman needs to know how to make a good sandwich (that was for you Joe), its that elegance in the service of food, and its presentation, in restaurants and even at home, is very proper and beautiful. Well, I don't even think beautiful even cuts it, they just have a impeccable amount of class, and beauty is just one word.. now I know you think I'm crazy for describing food like this, but seriously guys, its nice stuff, really prime stuff, very different from anything I have ever seen in Canada... their Top Chef, kicks ours so far up the, oh hey, what about the, oh yeah I forgot, but yeah, so much more epic! And then something that Canada is really used to is that, well I like to think, is that we are pretty patriotic, I mean, everyone that I know seems to like Canada, I mean, lets face it, maple syrup, four seasons and Tim Hortons! is there really much else... haha jkjk but you know what I mean, I like Canada! but here, it seems as though, especially my generation, actually don't like France, like they all want to get out and go to the USA, and even though I told them its not that great and they should really go to Canada cause we are awesome, everyone seems to think that USA is king of the world, and if you are going to make it anywhere you are going to make it there! I totally disagree and think they really need to open their eyes and look around at what they have... but that's just me... and I mean seriously, ti's actually just me that seems to think that here! lol
I would lastly like mention that I think I am really coming into close grips with my inner artist! Something I never thought I could possibly have! haha jkjk but I have however started to write poems and draw doodles that look like... well doodles! I know! Ill recite one of my poems that I have written in class, so you can get an inside look at what I think about in class! hehehe
" As I look out the window, and see a bird above,
I think of all the pretty things, that its gets to see and that I would love,
Like flying over the Seine river, dropping in to see the shops that glitter!
Pretty food and people and things,
that I sit in class, patiently wondering,
Will I ever see, or will it just be bitter, being here, the classes best...sitter,
having to sit here and painfully die, the teacher who I would like to see covered in lemon meringue pie."
The end, now I know that may seem like I just came up with that on the spot, which I kinda did, while I was being hugely distracted by an outside force! Still, I think it shows both perfectly my improved poetry skills and my imagination in class! haha (slash me being so bored!!)
Anyway, like I said, something else has come up, and I don't really want to be writing anymore, because boredom is bound to strike at any minute for you, and I am also just really tired and that may possibly be the something else haha
so yeah!
C'est vache- direct translation THATS COW
                -meaning THATS WOW!
Anyway, until later! hope you thought this was cow!
Jenny :)


  1. HAHAH this is awesome...have you eaten a religieuse yet? ( i think that's what theyre called :P ) it's like a little donut with cream in it...on top of a big donut with cream in it... <3 haha nice poem btw :P supaaa skillz

  2. tank you tank you i twied!
    yeah, im not a poet. and yeah I think thats what I had, its like a Paris Brest....thats the one im pretty sure, I guess ill just have to keep eating and see if im wrong ehh! haha

  3. JENNY! i miss you! and oh my god girl get yourself an agent cause that poem was pure genious! like litterally ill be quoting it all day "The teacher who i would like to see covered in lemon marange pie".... genious!

  4. hahaha thanks Eliza! I think I may just invest ;) MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!! <3