Friday, March 25, 2011

Another day goes by, with everything enjoyed as much as the last :)

Dear Internet <3
How are you doing :)?
...ok that doesn't really makes sense, because it is addressed to the Internet, but, in reality, it is addressed to you (who ever is reading this :P) so really, I should be saying "Dear _____" but I think that we can all safely assume here, that I am not crazy and that when I say "Dear Internet" I really mean "Dear you"... But for those of you who probably think that I am a little loopy and still wonder why I just asked the Internet how it is doing I will say this instead.
Dear (insert name here),
How are you doing? I do hope all is swell! (unless you are creepy and I do not normally talk to you in my day to day life) I MISS YOU SO MUCH! 
France is still showing me new things everyday! And for that, I remain getting up very morning and looking forward to my daily doings! Even if such doings are to enter the class, of which a note should be posted, " Beware of pure evil and heartlessness" (yeah, its the i-wish-to-throw-pie-in-face teacher! LOL), but still, the concept of learning new things everyday really applies, especially when you are in a new country! Let alone a new continent...or is it new continent let alone a new country... I never figured that out... hmmm...
The weather remains to be absolutely beautiful here. I believe that it has been about a solid 6 days of pure sunlight! We hit 22 today and yesterday! HA! AND IM NOT ACTUALLY JUST SAYING THAT TO MAKE YOU JEALOUS! IT WAS LEGITTT! Also other then the weather, I have made great progress with my frien-imies! Horses and I have possibly bonded! You see, like I said.... or at least I think I said... Juliette had a horseback riding competition, THAT I ATTENDED THANK YOU!! :D and I, yes I, walked for 20 minutes around ring with a horse in my hand (who you would all know was foaming green saliva from the ew.) and I didn't even complain! It was a very fulfilling experience! For both me and the horse! I don't think its ever been lead by someone who made it clear that there was to be a specific distance between my feet and his! :) As sad as this sounds, I was very pleased! And plan on doing it again! Once I think about, horses really are "majestic" creatures. But yeah, that went well, and it was, once again, a sunny and warm day, and I have concluded that spending the day at a horse competition is a very good way to be outside! I think I tanned! JKJK we all know that is impossible, but the sun was nicceeee!
Ok, So, like I have found so much fondness in talking about said teacher, guess what act of great crime he preformed this week? Hehe, this Wednesday, I was out late and returned late from lunch because we ate at Juliette's friends class..unfortunately, we had to be 15 minutes "en retard' for pie-in-face teacher...He was not pleased. But I sure was! For two reasons! A) I got to have a great lunch! BONUS! and B) As I found out when I arrived, Mr. (lets call him cruel) Cruel, had asked everyone for their homework and was in an especially bad mood! He went around the whole class and looked at every question, and when he arrived at the station of the other exchange student (who is Russian, and speaks English and french, but primarily Russian)  he asked to see his homework! He expected that the exchange students, who barely understand what he is talking about, or can make out what he writes, to do the Physics homework, material we have never seen! Without textbooks! OR THE QUESTIONS! I tell you, so happy I was late! Fortunately he forgot about asking me, so I didn't have to face the wrath, but seriously..dude...take a chill pill and get knocked into reality, or find and Ipod, load it with Mozart and Bach and go for a niiiiceee loongg wallkk.
OHH this brings me to another topic of conversation/commentary/talk/discussion/you reading me blab on!
If there was one thing on this exchange that I would not have though to have had would be a lot of spare time, due to extensive school hours and...well just exploring around and seeing everything! But, it turns out that I really do! So much time to just relax! And just think....which may or may not lead to being the best thing, because...when I think, like, its intense though! Haha, no but seriously! Thinking about everything and everything that you wonder about, or know about, or want to know about (which is wondering about but not really) or just think about at that instant, can really turn out to be a wonderful thing! I think that I have gone on about four long walks now, and just though about whatever and looked around and noticed so many things! Think it sounds corny, dumb and stupid? WELL YOU'RE CORNY, DUMB AND STUPID! MEH! LOL jkjk you're awesome!! ... maybe... I'll THINK ;) about it haha! No, but seriously, just going on a walk and noticing everything and like, actually appreciating where you are and what you are doing is really quite quite pleasant! For instance! Today, I went on one of these said walks, with my ipod and noticed many things that I would not have been able to see otherwise! Not only am I in the french countryside, but it is so warm that you can walk in a T-shirt and the hairs on your arms don't even budge to stand when the wind blows! :) And so, on this walk , I made a list of things that I noticed that I would not have noticed had I been speeding by in a car! So here it is. Please don't laugh! Its not funny! Its true! If you think its funny, go for a walk and think and notice things! Its really neat what you can see!
1) about ten different shades of blue in the sky ranging for deep blue to baby! :) hehe and the formations of the clouds ( Love clouds..don't know why...kinda a wierd liking of mine..but yeah!)
2) TWO BABY SHEEP ACROSS THE STREET that had just been trimmed and were soooooooooooooo tiney tiny and just so adorable!
3) A big spider that crossed the street...unfortunately I realised this due to a crunch on the bottom of my foot, but hey! I noticed it :)
4) A classic old fashioned wind turbine blowing on a farm field. Wanted to take a picture because it was so perfect, but forgot my camera :(
5) There was a hang glider! No joke, it was someone who was taking off the open grass fields and sailing for a bit and then came back down at about the exact same departing spot! He had very good aim..or she...couldn't tell :P
6) Spring blossoms sprouting on tree's :) (it takes a lot to notice that ehh :P ...haha sorry I still had to say it...its on the list, so it has to be said :) :P )
But yes, this is really all I wrote down at the time, but you get the idea, I hope :) Its just really... comforting? Pleasant? Fulfilling? I don't know. A great man once said, after listing to his daughter blab on about why it was really her brothers turn to mow the lawn and she possibly couldn't because there were so many other important things to paint her nails or something, "To mow the lawn, should really be something one should enjoy. The smell of the grass, actually sooths the soul.. It adds a comfort and calms you." WHAT A NUT EHH??? Haha just kidding, This man, is really quite right, the smell of fresh cut grass does calm the soul, and I believe to add to things that do so, walking wan be right next to it :)
Anyway, I do not have much else to say...because, well, I would be telling you all about the exchange student from Holland, but I cannot because, unfortunately she will not be joining us :'(! She caught a case of Mono and is not well enough to come and have an amazing time with Juliette and I! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR PUCKERING UP!! jkjk, But, it really is unfortunate! BUT BUT BUT BUT BUTTTTT, Even though the trip to Paris next week is only for Holland exchange students and there partners! WE STILL GET TO GOO!! YAHHOOO! Because..we were going to, and as Juliette's WONDERFUL mother convinced the principal, its the thought that we were going to that counts! hehehe! 
OH AND ALSO! I am probably going to forget! But tomorrow! I am going to go and see my first Handball match! It is one of Juliette's friends and I am very very excited :) WEOO!! Gonna be sweettt!!!
Haha, thats all for now, as always, hope you are not bored! But if you are, then seriously, common, if you were bored all the other times and continue to read, then that really can't be my fault!! Or, if you are reading this for the first time, then yeah, i'm sorry! haha 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Venice, Italia!! :)

Dearest Internet!
Its official, I have just been to the most beautiful, day in and day out city in the world. Venice, Italy has got to be and or have the most to see, do, and just enjoy! Honestly, I have never had so much fun just walking around and looking up and around where I was. Being able to see everything and just imagine, how 800 year ago, it was relatively the same, and I am walking in the same streets and Leonardo De Vinci, Casanova, the Dodge family, or INDIANA JONES <3 haha (I knew something was familiar about San Barnaba di Venezia, so I googled it, and oh yeah, The Last Crusade? Donnow if you have ever heard of it, kinda the best movie of big deal..kinda shot exactly where I was standing! SO COOL!!! EEP!) (I may have squealed and people may have looked...maybe!) But just being able to learn about where I was and the importance of this city, by itself, was one heck of a journey!
Leaving Paris on Monday night, we took an overnight train to Venice. This was fun because, I have never really had a fondness for trying to sleep on a 12 hour one...was...difficult? Impossible? Didn't really happen? haha instead Juliette and I played little games of, switch the ipod and judge each others songs, sing every word to every eminem song that we know, along with the occasional disney , and try and it still for as long as possible before the force of the train made your body shift...this went on for...twelve hours.
Upon arrival, we may have been totally exhausted and utterly gross looking, BUT when we got out of the train, and walked out of the train station only to come face to face with Venice and the Grade Canal, none of that mattered! Because we were in Venice. And due to the contribution of being overtired=overexcited=over expressive, my reaction to the city was fairly...lets just say I thought it was really really really really really really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeally wonderful, and I had a need to express that, and so I did! :D This awakening feeling lasted for about 20 minutes until we realised, oh god, we are going to be walking all day an can barley count to 10, so, we hustled on over to the hotel, situated right on the Canal, and ordered four pipping hot cappuccinos! BAM! AWAKE!
Along with arrival that day, I also walked around Venice for the first time! Not only was it my first day in Venice, but it was also the last day of Carnival, and everywhere you went people were wearing masks, amazing costumes and smiling away! It was quite the sight! Also, in every corner of every little street, colourful confetti could be found! It was like a whole city in giant joyous celebration! hehe loved it!
Later, I was able to experience my first pizza and pasta! Italian <3 So good! To be specific and to best describe how good it was, I am not supposed to have anything with dairy products in it, ever. This pasta was made with a cream sauce and drowned with Parmesan cheese, and the pizza has mozzarella, Gorgonzola and Parmesan all over it... and I ate every last bite! Delish! And this was only to be complemented after by Tiramisu! Which, yeah, just as awesome. No doubt.
Upon other first experiences I was able to that was..well different. I was told previously that Italian and Spanish boys like to whistle at girls for fun, and so I told myself that if that ever happened to Juliette or I, I would whistle back, just for fun, and then run or speed walk in the opposite direction! Full proof plan right? no! false! idiot. I didn't actually think that any whistling was going to take place, so when someone whistled at Juliette, I whistled back....Well...apparently...they spoke English, and..apparently I look like I speak English ( I was offended! I was totally going to the french look! Darn it!) but yeah, so they began to approach us, but thank god that Juliette, after giving me a look I probs deserved, pretended that we didn't know English and thank the good lord that they didn't speak french. And even though they were TOTALLY cute, my plan totally backfired, once again that I should really leave situations like this...not up to me.
ANYWAY, Other then that, Juliette and I toured around the whole time, looking at everything eagerly and taking in every step! which is important on trips such as these because, quite honestly, they really are not every day trips! But yes, So we also visited the Dodge Palace and were able to go on a "behind the scenes" tour of the palace! This was special because not only were you able to see the interior, along with everyone else, but with the guided tour, we were able to go into all the blocked off areas! I felt so special! HAHA, I know sad right? but there was like locked door that said tours only and everything! lol No but the tour was based around the extraordinary escape of Casanova, and how he oddly enough, to escape walked right through the main and fully guarded entrance! Along with that, we were also to see a lot of weapons used in the glory days of said palace, the torture room (ohh goody) , the prison cells, and the exact route taken by Casanova himself.
Now, to give you a little background about Casanova, or what I could make out from the French tour guide who was speaking at aaaaaaaaabout 345746385873 miles an hour...ok that en exaggeration...but it was still way to fast! Anyway, so basically, Casanova with his genius mind, was imprisoned for (he had no idea) being thought to be a spy...among other things related to witchcraft and wizardry conspiracies of that day and age of which he was believed to preform. But yeah, to keep it short, for his first attempt, he used a spoon for about three or four months to dig a hole under his bed into the roof beneath him ( unknowingly, this was the roof of the judges who decided the fate of the of which Casanova later became...after escaping and returning to Venice... :/ says a lot about their security...)
But yeah, so right when he was done, they decided to move him to a different room....BUMMER... and his little hole was found by the guard! THANKFULLY Casanova was a little bit of a quick thinker and before anything could be done he told the guard that if he said anything he would tell the judges the guard helped him... how else could he have gone for so long without being noticed ? So nothing was done, but his new prison was checked regularly for holes... :P. So, to end this, and try to explain his which I should really google before telling cause I'm probably wrong, but something about a bible used to hide something that helped their escape...someone important in the church who was imprisoned beside him and they escaped together, nice clothes so that they wouldn't seem like they were prisoners...the famous big black hat that I think Zoro is known for wearing...and walking out through the main entrance quietly and calmly, having glided past the entire (and best) army or guards, detectives and policemen in the whole of Venice... I think a job well done was in order! haha
Juliette and I also were able to go and see a mansion of one of the hundreds of families who were inscribed in the "golden book", which was basically a book, that started in the ... 16th or 17th century..sorry not too sure, and said who the rich families were...and this house happened to belong to them..unfortunately no pictures were taken! BUT THAT IS WHY YOU ALL MUST GO TO VENICE AND SEE HOUSES LIKE THIS! Too magnificent! Paintings on every ceiling, painted by true artists, some more famous then others of the Renaissance time, all relating to specific morals and beliefs that the family had... (or something like that... sorry...french only catch so much! lol) No, but in all seriousness, and I know I keep on describing thing with words that aren't exactly sufficient, but breathtaking! every room!
To end off, because this is getting way to long, Venice, aside from its residents, who...when they want to get somewhere will really get somewhere, is just beautiful and even though every street looks the same upon first glance, or in pictures, if you look more closely, and take the time to examine, just like many paintings or sculptures that I saw, you will really see that there is so much more then the same street!
GUESSSS WHO IS SO SPOILED as to be given the opportunity to, in Italy, in Venice, in one of the older churches, watch nationally famous violinists preform Bach and Mozart to an audience of 30? sound boring and old person like? yeah no, that's wrong, I sat, so happily for two hours being able to listen to the best violin performance I will most likely ever here! It was so ... AWESOME!! ;)
Anyway, until next time something awesome happens..which will probably be tomorrow..and I will probably be to lazy to write...but yeah! UNTIL NEXT TIME
Bisous! Jenny :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a little update :)

Dear Internet!
Long time no see ehh? yep! Well, sorry about that, I have been super-ultra busy doing absolutely everything under the French sun. From eating sushi, to shopping, to cleaning a horse truck (ohdeargod), to going to a beautiful sea-side city, to more eating :X, to just simply enjoying every day! Its quite tiring having this much fun you know! I just don't ever know how I am going to make it through these next two months... jkjk its going to be AWESOME.
So, to start off, there has just been so much that has been going on! I am not sure if I said anything in the last blog, but earlier last week, Juliette had a horseback riding competition and I told her that I was more then excited to go....then she told me we were to get up at 430 in the morning and be out the door by wished her good luck!! Now, I know you are thinking, woowww Jenny you sissy you should have gone, BUT, in my defence, it was strongly encouraged by Juliette parents that I did not go and stayed at home, because Juliette has many other horse competitions that I can attend...oh goody.. NO but seriously! It was really great that I didn't go! BECAUSEEE the truck ended up breaking down, and they missed her event! Fortunately she had two, but they were stuck on the highway for two hours waiting for a truck to come and get their truck and fix it...and there was also a panicking horse in the back of the truck.... horse + broken truck + girl that needed to compete in 20 mins and they were 45 mins away + my fear of the horse that was panicking= THANK GOD I DIDNT GO! I mean, I regret that I didn't get to see the horse show, and watch Juliette own everyone else there, but seriously! L.U.C.K.Y! lol
Then, a couple days after that fiasco, Juliette's parents took me to Deauville, a little French sea-side city! It was so cute and pleasant! But it was totally the sea-side smaller version of Paris, where to-expensive-to-drive cars weaved the streets and the most common particle of clothing to be seen were the latest Long champ or Louis bags! It was quite the city! Not only that, but the houses were just like in the paintings, where they lined the sides of the mountain, and the port's along the sea shore were already filled with sail-boats ready to sail as soon as the warm wind hit, cause +12 wasn't warm enough! haha I laughed a little, I always do though when the cold temperature is discussed! HOWEVER! I should not be so cocky! I will admit, when there is a cold day here (which I haven't really talked about because bragging about the warm weather is way to much fun!! haha snow... anyway) it is COLD. And the thing is, it isn't like, "oh I am cold I should probs get a warm jacket and some hot chocolate and I'll be good.", its more like, " Omg I think my bones are going to freeze and snap!" haha its really weird, the cold goes like through you and freezes your core! So when its like +2 its really like -6! No joke!! Thank god for fluffy socks! Seriously! THANK YOU !
OH OH OH COOL THING!! Ok, so you know how in, not even classic movies, but how in movies about old city's in Europe, (normally a corny romantic comedy of something :P)you will see a lady who is hanging her clothes outside, or like beating a mat with a broom to clean it, WELL, on my way to Deauville, we went the scenic route and there was a little one church city, and right before we left, there was a lady in an apron outside her window hanging her clothes! It was so weird because I has sworn I had seen that exact scene in a movie before, and it was like being replayed right in front of my eyes!! AWESOMENESS!! It was a very exciting moment, cause I think its really cool when you see thinks that are literally replayed in movies! Also, as we were leaving the city, I noticed that the name was crossed out with a bold red line passing across the sign... I thought that that was really strange!! LOL I mean its one thing to have a sign before every city or small village, that is totally normal! But at the end of the city, having a big bold red line crossing through the center, kinda makes me think that that city is no longer there! I don't know... I found it a little strange.
I think that at this moment I can say that I am a little disappointed in United States, and their proclamation of having the worlds best burgers...sorry, this is incorrect.
Dear America,
your burgers have officially been pwned.
Sincerely, France
No but in all seriousness, this has got to be the most tasty burger ever! Loaded with cheese, un known vegetables, saut├ęd apples and onions and .... other stuff, this burger rocked it! Even the fries were triumphant! I was, actually, really shocked!! Cause when you think of it, France and burgers are two words that I wouldn't really put together, but but but! I have been proven wrong, France=Burger dominance.
ANYWAY BIG BIG BIG BIG NEWSSSSS.... I am kinda, sorta, maybe, possibly, most likely, hopefully, am, going to VENICE tomorrow XD ahhhh I am so excited! I just cannot wait to take like a gazillion photos, and ride in a gondola while trying to keep my laughter at the singing gondolier to a minimum, and visit all the places that Indian Jones was shot! AHH, ok jkjk that's not my goal, but that would be awesome! In addition to that, Juliette's parents have planned it so that I will be able to see a classical Italian singer, preform in a church...although this may sound lame to some, reality check, its so not, dude-going to be so cool! I have only ever herd one Italian singer in my life, and I am sorry, but it is so true, everything is more beautiful when it is said in Italian...unless they are angry....then that really isn't that pleasant.
Anyway, so yeah, Venice tomorrow! XD 5 days!! WEOO
Ill tell all when I get back I guess XD
Until next time,
Jenny <3