Friday, February 25, 2011

Something I found to be a little shocker!! :P

Dear Internet,
I am so sorry, I completely forgot I had something else that I wanted to say, that I didn't put on my list but just remembered! YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT LISTS ARE! haha I could have completely forgotten this! I mean, its not exactly the most important thing in the world, but still, I thought it would be perhaps interesting to mention, and plus, I have this need to rant and type, hehe, so here goes!!! Oh yeah, and if you don't like to hear someone rant about their opinion on something that they unfortunately know very little about but still manages to upset them, then please please for the sake of you still liking me after you read this, don't! lol
Alright so basically, I have pretty much been talking about all the things that I have seen, or that I have enjoyed, or just things about my personal experience, but I haven't really talked to to much about the differences and similarities between our two great countries ( that being Canada and France lol), or maybe I have.. not sure, either way, I HAVE ANOTHER COMPARISON!
So, I was talking to Chantal, on the way back from Juliette's horseback riding school (no :( , I did not go no the horse yet... BUT I FED IT A CARROT. It was a big moment...), and we got talking about sketchy parts of Argentan, and places I should avoid when walking around. This struck me as interesting because when we drove around the area, it looked just like the areas that are found in Kingston, or Ottawa, or Toronto or even Philadelphia (random I know, but its true) and I just thought, like I have before, how everything is so different in Europe, but then again so similar. How weird of a description is that right? haha
No but in all honesty it true, and so I made another wonderful list to contrast and compare, and show how in general, things are the same, but when you look at it closely, so different !!
Things that are the same (general) - grocery stores,  bathrooms, school, town layouts, and shoe stores ( shoes!! <3)
Things that are different in these generally similar places: Every single product in the grocery store is different, I do not think that I have seen one thing being sold, found commonly in Canada, except for Nutella <3. Even the Coca cola (which is sold in a glass bottle here!!) has a different label!, Bathrooms...well they have bathrooms, but the toilet is by itself in a little room, and the sink and shower is in a different room... interesting...yet rather annoying... haha. School, well, as I have explained, teachers are horrible and have no souls, and that's being nice, and even Juliette parents would agree haha, school ends at 5 o'clock at average, no one does school sports...unless smoking is a sport, then everyone gets an A++++++ and will all place gold in the smoking Olympics!jkjk not everyone, because there are for sure some champion athletes at Jean d'Arc (the school I am attending) For instance, Juliette who is a National level equestrian ( sound so much better then horseback rider!! hehe), and Marion, fourth in the country for Kayaking, and another boy who is a national level Tennis player. Pretty much, if you are good at a sport.. you are really good at a sport! haha. The towns are the same, as in there are sketchy regions, nice regions, downtown, uptown and country areas, but everything has a higher sophistication/ European style to it, which never get old...except for the fact that it is literally old.. haha. And the shoe stores.... well they have shoe stores... lol but THEY ARE 1000 TIMES AWESOMER CAUSE THEY. HAVE. ITALIAN. SHOES!!! and that is just so much better then sneakers and crocks, I can even begin to express it!! haha
Anyway, so getting back to the point that I was trying to make (that, here everything is the same but different)! Those were the first examples, but wait, there is more!! Just one more, don't worry I wont go on forever! But yeah, so, like I said, I was talking to Chantal about the different parts of the city, and how its pretty bad here, but in Paris, the most beautiful, romantic and fashionable city in the world, it is even worse! At first, I was shocked! I would never have guessed that that could possibly be true, but when you think about it, it makes so much sense! Apparently, All the refugees that come in by plane gather and form regions on the outskirts of Paris.She told me that if you were to walk in these areas you would want to be with at least five other people to feel safe! eeeeepppp!!!
From what I gathered, these regions are formed because certain banks and other big enterprises buy out all the apartments and town houses in order for "future development" or leasing them at a ridiculously high price, which take away home's for people to live in, thus people gathering together in small home's and apartments, sometimes seven to a room! Not only this, but say one of the banks leases one of their rooms, well this generally is going to cost people 600 euros per month! which is ridiculous! people shouldn't have to pay that amount of money for an out of Paris unstable home! and not only not only that, BUT THIS COST IS FOR AREAS 3 METERS BY 3 METERS!! I'm sorry, but as a fifteen year old girl able to have the luxury of a fully furnish and heated home, I find it outrageous that banks and companies have the right to do this, and are fully aware that these people have no were else to go! Plus, if you are raised in these regions and you try to make a life for yourself by leaving and getting a job, when asked where you are from, THE SECOND you tell them you are from that region, bye bye out the door!
Now, I don't know what percentage of the information I have just talked about is correct, because, well it was told to me in French may be a little incorrect, but the main point is there! While people are living in the high class luxury of Paris home's, just down the street are three to a twin bed, two twin beds to a room! Now, I know what your thinking, w/e Jenny, this happens everywhere stop trying to make a point that's been made before, and your no activist, BUT SERIOUSLY! This sort of thing should happen in places like... I don't know, just not Paris! Paris, for heavens sake!! This just shocked me, and I felt like I needed to have a good old rant about it so I'm sorry !!! ha ha BUT SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY! Does this not upset anyone else!!??
Other then that, Paris still remains to be the most beautiful and interesting city I have ever set my eyes on! And despite the tragedy that lies on its outskirts, I still love it XD. The streets are full of lights, as with the pretty store windows and historical sites!!! Everything is pretty by day, but glorious by night! I personally think that it glows in the dark (hahaha get it? glows as in like a girl glows with beauty and glows because of all the lights!! hehe funny..)
Sorry for ranting again, and going on forever...I hope you don't think I'm physco....!!

I don't know what to post as a title... how do you title a blog? I dont know, if anyone has any sugggestions, feel free to tell me because I really don't have a clue! anyway!! ( oh and I am not doing the whole blog 1, blog 2, blog 3 thing!! so lame!! :P)

Well actually, to be super specific about this whole time change thing, Good early morning to all central Canadians and Americans, Good late morning to all the whales in the middle of the Atlantic, Good evening to everyone in south-eastern Russia, and Good middle of the afternoon to everyone in France, who should all be either working or at school right now! And if you are not, and, say, your exchange student suggested that you stay home today because it was the last day before vacation and the teachers are going to be in a horrible mood (NO. THANK. YOU) and you "look tired" like me! Then congratulations! You are so lucky! You should just be so happy with your life right now! Especially if you just had like 6 crèpes ( which you made and were pretty decent for a Canadian) with Nutella! If you are said person, then really, take a moment to think of how lucky you are, and then go eat some more crèpes cause you know that they are awesome!
Hehehe, ANYWAYS, so there is just so much to say, but I have decided (as you may have noticed, I like to clearly say that I have decided to do things, it just makes me feel that much more organised when writing this blog, and I need as much organisation as possible, because quite frankly, when you are trying to write about everything you think people would care at all about, that you have done in the past three or four days, and your brain works like mine, organisation is KEY), but yeah, I have decided to, once again, make a list! yay lists!
So to start off, I would like to publicly announce that Jennifer Joan Casson + The Fine Art of French Cooking = NO!, HECK NO, NEVER AGAIN, LEAVE IT TO THE REAL FRENCH PEOPLE TO COOK AND YOU CAN JUST EAT BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST.... NO!!!
Exaggeration?? Nope, I seriously do not have the patience, clearly, or the " natural cuisine sense" to possibly come near a fine french cooking book, and attempt to bake, ever again. Although, like I said, I did master the Crèpes... or so I though. Juliette thought that they were pancakes, wait no, Juliette wasn't going to even let me argue. They were pancakes- so, not going to argue with that, but they totally had some resemblance, AND I Tried. Its not easy when you compete with her, cause she is seriously a wizard of baking. So, in the end result, with my fail of baking of the pancakes/ Crèpes, Juliette took over and I took credit for them to boost my self esteem! Thus, my crèpes were amazing, just like any other crèpes made by a French person! yay! Although, I made the batter with soy milk instead of real milk thinking it would be the same end result... Ooops, I mean, it worked... but... sugar NEEDED to be added to you know... give then some taste, instead of just eating what tastes like paper. So, sugar, and Juliettes homemade ( YES!! THEY HAVE FRUIT TREES, OF EVERY GOOD FRUIT, YEAR ROUND, IN THEIR BACKYARD!!!) jams were added profusely!
But, like I told one of my favorite people in the world wide world, who was wearing a matching snowflake sweater and headband that was, quite honestly, hilarious, you should know who you are :D, I am going to bring back the best baking book that I can find that is full of amazing French deserts that are do-able (yeah, its going to be quite a search, but I am definitely up for the challenge!!) and we are going to cook the greatness right out of it, and put it right out on a plate! Its going to be EPIC! hehe... and then we are going to eat it, because, I don't think that looking at something that is made from a French cookbook can possibly sit in the eyes of humans for over two minutes and not be eaten, its just way to appealing, or smells way too good!!
Anyways, so although I was so excited to get over my fear and get on Juliettes horse, and ride off into the sunset, I still have to unfortunately say that I have not yet
mounted that horse! ( literally and figuratively... I think) I don't know what it is, but I can just not manage to get over my fear! I mean, I know that I will eventually because, Juliette was an amazing trouper when she came to Canada, and really did everything! and I mean everything! Folks, this little 5'4 french girl came over to Canada, and got right into Junior Boys AMERICAN FOOTBALL! ON THE HIGH SCHOOL TEAM. Sorry, big deal. really big deal. And look at me, I can't even get on a horse, possibly because I know it will kill me and buck me right off, but yeah! But no! I will! I WILL RIDE THE HORSE!!! ... later... :P haha Don't worry though, you will be the first to know!! XD
OH AND COOLEST THING!!! There is going to be another exchange student in this house!! haha, basically, a girl from Germany is going to come and stay in the house for a bit. To be honest, it was kind of random, I mean the principal of the school just called Chantal ( Juliettes mom) and asked if an exchange student could stay at her house for a while, and Chantal, being one of the nicest people I have ever met, said yeah for sure! So now there are going to be THREE, no make that FOUR (Juliette can speak Spanish!) languages under one roof!!!! how cool is that!? maybe I will be able to get in touch with some of my long lost German roots and pick up a couple of words or phrases! How cool would that be!! XD lol, I don't know, I am pretty excited!!
ASSSSSSS for the poetry... well unfortunately, I know how much everyone LOVED the last one! haha lol, no, but I have decided to put that to bed, no more poetry. I'm going to have to go back to the doodling days when I go back to school............ in TWO WEEKS BECAUSE MARCH BREAK STARTS TOMORROW!!!! WEOOOO!!! not like I really need a vacation from anything because, I am pretty much on a three month vacation! NO but seriously SOO excited!!!! VENICE <3
Anyways, that about it for now, with many more exciting and mind blowing things to come (haha just kidding, I just like to type a whole bunch or random stuff that I find to be some what valuable enough to put on my blog!) but yeah, thanks for reading XD !!
Jenny :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More more and ummm more!

Dear Internet <3
DUM DII DUMMM hummm... starting these are always so complicated!! WOW!
Ok so, instead of recounting every single detail of my life here in the past five days like I have done in my previous recounts of my life here, I have just decided that I will skip to everything that yo'll might actually... have a slight interest in... maybe haha! But, unlike before, where I didn't organise what I was going to say and didn't keep it super short like I wanted to, I decided, as I sat in class looking out the window in Spanish (yeah... thats still not going so well, but the teacher is super funny and doesn't really care when I look at her like she is a crazy person, which is really beneficial, cause that is seriously the only look I think I have ever given her, when I really don't mean to be rude, but seriously... NO IDEA WHAT you are trying to say... but hey, if it helps, it sure sounds pretty! ) anyway, so I decided that I would make a list of things that I should mention! So, here directly from my hand written (in feather pen..yeah its awesome.) (jkjk, but its really cool looking and so much more awesome then your average pen that is used by the majority of the world) is a list of things, put into paragraphs, that have happened or have been on my mind through out the past couple of days!
Ok so to starts off, I went to my first french party on Saturday! Weoo wasn't that fun!! haha... I woke up the next morning feeling like a fat cow due to the excessive amounts of cakes that I previously inhaled the night before, which was so worth it, cause even though these kids are 16, their mothers still feel obliged to send some baked goods as a thank you to the hosts of the party!! OK!  AWESOME? yeah! thank you god! Also, unlike anything I have ever been too, people actually brought like lights th dance with, like lights that you have at a elementary or high school dance or formal! that was so cool! the house was so full of colors!! hehe loved it!
Anyways, back on to the subject of teachers that I have previously talked about, which remain to be AWFUL. No but seriously, the physics teacher I do believe actually has no soul, he is cold as ice. Now, i know what you are thinking...why the hate? well ill tell you why!! This weekend, a very good friend of Juliette's was in a car accident! A CAR ACCIDENT! trust me, that is a big deal. So, this boy was really badly hurt, and came to school on Tuesday with his arm in a sling, and sat down in physics class. Well boy oh boy did the physics teacher not cut him any slack (and yes he was fully aware of the accident!). When the teacher called for the homework this boy, with good reason no doubt, was unable to say it was completed, so the teacher got furious!  as per usual... not only that, but the boys arm that was hurt was his writing arm, and for punishment, he was assigned a two hour homework essay to hand in for Thursday! Well, as the boy politely said, he could not write this because his hand ISN'T WORKING... guess what the teacher said... USE YOUR OTHER HAND!!! good sweet god above did I want to say something! wow! sorry if its annoying that I went on for so long about that, but seriously! its a little unbelievable!
But on to a positive note, well not really positive, just a little heads up for all the bakery's... in this country! i have officially lost all my self restraint haha, the bakery's, even two weeks in (wow that's like lightning!) they are still just as good as the very first ones I tried, and maybe even better! woah, there are these things that are called Paris Brests, I think.. lol and they are just like eclaires, except more cream and almond flavoured!!! UMMMYYYYYYYYYYY eeee! I tell myself every time, I will not buy them, but its not fair when Juliette's parents offer to buy it for me!! hehe I mean, I wouldn't ever want to be rude and say no! That's just a sign of.... its just rude! you just simply have to accept.... oh darn hehehehe!
Although I am still getting used to the kisses every morning, everything else seems to be much easier now, and I really feel like I am starting to, not blend in, but adapt more to the ways of the average french person, and as weird as that may sound, its actually very different. Certain things that they are very used to and are very common, would be completely rejected by many people in Canada, and again, many things that we do, they would never do here. For example, here, things like the culinary arts are very important, and its not like, every woman needs to know how to make a good sandwich (that was for you Joe), its that elegance in the service of food, and its presentation, in restaurants and even at home, is very proper and beautiful. Well, I don't even think beautiful even cuts it, they just have a impeccable amount of class, and beauty is just one word.. now I know you think I'm crazy for describing food like this, but seriously guys, its nice stuff, really prime stuff, very different from anything I have ever seen in Canada... their Top Chef, kicks ours so far up the, oh hey, what about the, oh yeah I forgot, but yeah, so much more epic! And then something that Canada is really used to is that, well I like to think, is that we are pretty patriotic, I mean, everyone that I know seems to like Canada, I mean, lets face it, maple syrup, four seasons and Tim Hortons! is there really much else... haha jkjk but you know what I mean, I like Canada! but here, it seems as though, especially my generation, actually don't like France, like they all want to get out and go to the USA, and even though I told them its not that great and they should really go to Canada cause we are awesome, everyone seems to think that USA is king of the world, and if you are going to make it anywhere you are going to make it there! I totally disagree and think they really need to open their eyes and look around at what they have... but that's just me... and I mean seriously, ti's actually just me that seems to think that here! lol
I would lastly like mention that I think I am really coming into close grips with my inner artist! Something I never thought I could possibly have! haha jkjk but I have however started to write poems and draw doodles that look like... well doodles! I know! Ill recite one of my poems that I have written in class, so you can get an inside look at what I think about in class! hehehe
" As I look out the window, and see a bird above,
I think of all the pretty things, that its gets to see and that I would love,
Like flying over the Seine river, dropping in to see the shops that glitter!
Pretty food and people and things,
that I sit in class, patiently wondering,
Will I ever see, or will it just be bitter, being here, the classes best...sitter,
having to sit here and painfully die, the teacher who I would like to see covered in lemon meringue pie."
The end, now I know that may seem like I just came up with that on the spot, which I kinda did, while I was being hugely distracted by an outside force! Still, I think it shows both perfectly my improved poetry skills and my imagination in class! haha (slash me being so bored!!)
Anyway, like I said, something else has come up, and I don't really want to be writing anymore, because boredom is bound to strike at any minute for you, and I am also just really tired and that may possibly be the something else haha
so yeah!
C'est vache- direct translation THATS COW
                -meaning THATS WOW!
Anyway, until later! hope you thought this was cow!
Jenny :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

More about school :D

Dear Internet!! <3
SOOOO, what have I done these past two days over here in France?? Well, let me see! I know... I have been doing awesome things, that's it! that would make sense!
OK SO WHAT AWESOME things have I been doing!!?? lets see...
woke up- awesome! ate some bread with jam and French frosted flakes- awesome! Wore Sperry's (which by the way are considered to be old people shoes here in France, so note; if you come to France and want to look young...or pretend to be hip and in style... don't wear them ha ha) to school in the middle of February- DOUBLE AWESOME! (PS, in case anyone is wondering why I am saying awesome so much, its cause, well A) everything really is awesome and B) As weird as this may be, my dad, good old Dave, hates how much I say it, so because I miss him, and want to clarify his doubtful thoughts, and prove to him that I will come home, I want to remind him that I have to return, because its not like I can rely on Joe to annoy you like I can  :D hehehe)
Juliette and I arrived on time for our Thursday classes at 800 in the morning, and started off the day with a solid two hours in the weight room with her class!
Dear god that was awful. I don't know how many of you know me, or how many people read this, but those of you who do know me, know that I DO NOT LIFT WEIGHTS! I have the arm strenght of a elderly ant, and there is no way hosé that I am lifting a metal bar with two 15 kilos on either end! No. Thank. You.
But, apparently, I had to... so I reduced it to five on either side and did three sets of ten AND I WAS SO PROUD!!! 
But then... this really nice girl, who is seriously the sweetest thing to ever walk planet earth (oh and by the way shes fourth in the country for kayaking, while competing an age group up, no big deal or anything) came and decided it was her turn to lift weights... all of a sudden... the happiness shriveled away as she effortlessly lifted 15 kilos, either side, three sets of ten, no sweat! GAWK!
Then, after the two hour humiliation class, we returned to our homeroom to continue with the rest of our day.
Starting with our 55 minutes (each class is 55 minutes BTW, I guess I never mentioned that, but yeah 55 minutes except for the last two classes on Friday which are an hour and a half each) of math, In which I actually knew what I was doing and what was being taught!! yay!! that was another highlight of the day, lifting ten kilogrammes was also a personal highlight, and if anyone is laughing, well, stop reading, and you try to lift some weights!! not easy...only if you do lift weights do you have the right to laugh! hehehe
Anyway, so then, after math, there was history/geography, and that was positively dreadful! not like I didn't like it because it was boring, quite on the contrary, it was quite entertaining, but there was just this really sad 20 minute clip, film thing that the teacher showed us that was WAY to graphic! WAY to sad! and the French people were speaking WAY to fast. It was basically about people panicking about the recent explosion of a nuclear plant, in Toulouse, that had blown up the entire city, killing 30, and wounding 9000, leaving another ten thousand people homeless. I asked Juliette if it was even legal that we were watching this, and apparently, it is a learning experience, and things like this are shown frequently in this class;
WELL, I know when ill be going to the bathroom now don't I ! not sitting through that again!
THEN THERE WAS LUNCH!! highlight nubaaaahhh ttthhrreeee!!!! KABOOBBSSSSSS!!! lliiiffeeee!!!! Haha and chocolate covered marshmallow aftah! delish! yumm!!
Followed by French, which seems to be getting better!
English, which is just a really fun class to be in!
And Spanish (were not going to talk about that, it's dreadful, and everyone can tell for sure by my face that I have NO idea what it going on!) oh, and by the way, guess who thought it would be a Great idea to go on a class field trip, thinking we were going to be in a hotel for a week in Spain? yeah. me. fail.
We will be the special guests in the home of some pleasant Spanish folk, who have kindly offered to open there homes for five days...and are encouraged to speak Spanish at our best level, practicing our hardest and giving our all with the Spanish that we have been learning for six years now! oh goody! Como estas sinor? bad. haha I debate weather or not I should still go... suggestions?? OMG YEAH!! If you think I should go or not go, or have been to Spain before and thing it is really worth while, let me know! Cause I'm kind of thinking of passing on it, due to the whole going to Venice thing as well :D haha
Any who, We then had a 15 minute break, and finished that day by choosing what University in France we are going to attend, and also choosing what career we are going to have when we are older! After filling out the online survey, my options for success in life are, librarian or nurse or painter!!! haha I laughed out loud!
School then ended at Six, and Juliette and I returned home! AWESOME DAY!! seriously though, I'm not very good at expressing joy through... blogging, but I actually had a great day, it was just one of those days that's not too fast, not too slow, you don't over do it or under do it and its calm and easygoing! I love those days and I had one yesterday, which then made it an awesome day! AWESOME!
Ahh Friday! Well...
Today was just as good as yesterday minus the Kabob, muscle training, and ending at six!
We looked at ecosystems in science, through microscopes, which was really interesting to see because I have never looked at soil and piles of leaves to the depth the we investigated them today, and I know that seems sarcastic, but its not! I really liked it! and understood everything the teacher was saying! wahoo!
And then to end the day that I have told so much about, we had physics, where I was once again reminded, like in many other classes, how far behind the Canadian school system is, and how they should really step it up!
Yeah, I was utterly lost in his class, until he asked what GPS stood for and I knew that! and then I was lost again...He was saying something like...mass, weight, variable, vertex, altitude, longitude, distance formula, weight measurement, big number...
I tried to stay focused, but understanding his french is just as hard as understanding the material that he is teaching the class!
To finish off the day! I once again find myself here, writing this, hopefully you haven't totally lost track of what your reading and are thinking who is this idiot!
And I am also thinking about Canada. Actually, to be specific, maple toffee in the snow.. but yeah.. Canada <3
As odd as this may sound and as much as I have tried to deny it, now that I have been to a different country, even though its only been a week, I feel like I, personally, really do have a home in Canada, and since I am so used to the people and the grocery stores (random, I know, but they are really different here!) and the streets and the buildings and the way of life back home, and since it is so very different here, this thought that Canada is home is only reinforced every time I think about it... haha
Anyways, that's it for now, hope you are not like...dying of girlish talk, or repetition of the word  AWESOME, or just bored in general!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Second day!

Dear Internet!
This one should be shorter then the last one, sorry about that! there was just so much say!!
Anyways, today was just as new and exciting as yesterday, but longer :/ meh. school finishing @ 5 is not something I am ever going to appreciate.
Today, the courses that I took were;
1) Physics
4)University Prep...Sorta
5)Social Studies
Full day no? yes!
So, to start off, the physics teacher scared me half to hell! (pardon me, but it true!) he was a big man, who spoke in a deep voice, and walked slowly around the classroom, like hawk hovering over its prey! He would not take no for an answer, spoke and paused for effect, and made me so scared that I hesitated when he asked me how to spell my name! he was a very scary dude! When he was teaching his class about the speed of light of from the moon the the earth, and asked for an answer, everyone just looked around, or played with their hands, or bit their nails, or did whatever it took not to be chosen! Not good times! But, that class finished and it was on to the next one! Except....we had him again later for University which he spent (no jokes) a full hour on telling us how to properly take notes, and how the American and Canadian Universities force notes to be written a certain way. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, but the other exchange student and I were not going to tell him this, because we both, quite frankly like having our heads on our bodies! Now, I know that its seems that I spend all my time criticising how everything that is taught to French students about Canada, but both the other exchange student and I agree that we have no idea WHAT they are talking about every time they refer to Canada or American ways, but its only been two days so we will see...
Math was boring, hehe to say the least, I rocked the doodles again, and then English we went to the computer lab to study New York .Its cool to be in a class where the only knowledge of anything about New york comes from Gossip Girl episodes! Some people were fascinated that France had actually given up, not only something of its own making, but to the United Stated no less, the Statue of Lliberty! OMG, WOAH WOAH WOAH! This universal sign for the Big Apple,  was not made by the Americans!? The French gave it to them! DUUUUDEEEEE! hahaha that was a good class!
FOR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY came lunch time! Juliette's friends, took me to a little restaurant that served these big, huge, meat loaded sandwiches called Kabebs...Kebobs...Kabobs.. I don't know, but they were OUT. OF. THIS . WORLD. eep! even though they were invented in eastern Europe (thank you mister know it all who shall not be named and shouldn't be so sassy in the future.You know who you are) The French def perfected them! They were so good, but unfortunatly there is nothing that I would compare them too...I don't know if they have them in Canada, but if they do, EAT ONE. ahh!
When returning, we arrived late because I simply had to buy an Eclaire, and walked into Spanish, in which she spoke only in Spanish and I knew nothing. Seriously! these kids know way to many languages! so I just stared blankly at the teacher as time flew by!
When the bell rang we all had to go downstairs to the quiet room. Yes, the quite room, where you are forced to sit for an hour and do nothing. nothing. nooooooothing. We did this because, due to some stroke of genius, a boy in our grade decided to take a permanent marker and draw all over the library yesterday. Idiot. So, unlike in Canada, where only one person gets punished, all of us, every student from this grade, had to go and sit in this class, while a skinny cranky lady leaned over everyone telling them to keep quiet when the only noise being made were breaths of air! Twas not the best experience ever. But at least now I know that I do not want to ever get in trouble here! not like I didn't know that before...its just reinforced now...
The day finished by French, and Juliette and I returned home, to where I once again find myself writing this! haha
Anyways, that's about it! hehe until L8R! Sorry that wasn't exactly short..
Bisous (totally still not used to that)

Monday, February 14, 2011

First Day Of School : )

Dear Internet!
Today was a really fun day for many reasons!!!
First off, it was my first full day at school,
Second, I got to wear heels all day and that was just awesome!
Third,I had a huuuuuuugeeee delish cookie at lunch that was shaped in an enormous heart and was chocolate and was just wonderful,
Fourth, I got to be in France all day! Which is still something that I find incredible to wake up to !
Speaking of waking up and being excited about France, guess who woke up today and had such a good sleep that she totally forgot where she was for like twenty seconds... funny right? no! I must have looked crazy to Juliette who was trying to explain to me that we had to get ready to go to school and I was like...sure...who are you? of course I did not say that, but either way, it was not funny.
Anyway, so today I got up and went downstairs. OMG AWESOME JENNY!! I know.
jkjk I must say that, among the multiple different things that there is here, three of my favorite things all happened this morning.
One, I didn't have to make a lunch!!! yay!
Two, I ate freshly made scones for breakfast! holy! why are all these people so amazing at cooking and baking? I do not know! but it is freaking awesome!!
Three, I spend an HOUR eating breakfast! ONE WHOLE HOUR OF A SCHOOL DAY MORNING EATING BREAKFAST!! ahhh!!! so awesome.
So after I was all ready to go to school,Juliette's mom drove me down to the school gates, where we waited until some big man with a Key opened it.We then walked up to her french class, OMG french in french. ou baby. They were in the midst of learning grammar that was only ever written down, never spoken, and is past tense and refers to a part of time that is only happens once... I talked to the person beside me and drew pretty pictured!
We then went to the library, which was only for her grade (each grade has their own library) .I chilled and listened to my Ipod, and then asked to do her English homework while she worked on math and physics for an hour, then we returned to English!!!! BEST. CLASS. EVER.
The English teacher had a Strong British accent, but was this worked, I have no clue. She was trying to teach her class about the Empire State building and it was so jokes the answers that she would get from the class. The highlights of my day were when she would ask a question to the class, and then some students would give the right answer and she would say that they were wrong! it was so jokes! I'm pretty sure I counted like 5 times where she was wrong and it wasn't even funny anymore.
Then, there was lunch, quickly followed by history class, in which we learnt about hurricane Katrina, and how all Americans are stupid because instead of getting ready for it, they just partied, and they deserved what they got...this concept was definitely debatable, but I surely do not have the french vocabulary to do so, yet! we also learnt about some cool things that I had never even heard of, like the earthquake that hit France! There was an earthquake? I had no clue!!!
And then there was math.....ohhh boyyy.... Canada is so far behind its worrisome. They were learning things that I am pretty sure I have never seen in any textbook! Or maybe it was because it was all in french? who knows! all I know is that that was by far the best doodling time period I have ever had! successful too! I managed to get every song that I had in my head out of my head by writing it down! yay!
Presently, Juliette and I have returned home and I await another completely different day tomorrow, in which instead of three thirty, school will finish at 5! how excited am I !!
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how it is different here, and how I am enjoying it, and I also just wanted to talk in English for a while so, yeah!
haha hope that whoever read this isn't dead from boredom, if you are then I am sorry. :P
also I hope that there are not as many spelling mistakes.. I re read it this time so i hope were good!! haha

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dear internet <3
First, i would like to appologize for my tardyness with this, i have actually wrote it three times and each time it has been deleted. meh. not cool computer...not cool.
Arrived in Paris safe and tired two days ago now! Paris, for those who have yet to go, if without doubt the most beautiful, elegant, romantic and fashionable city in the world. In reality, it fits percetly the true deffinition of awesome ;)

The beauty doesnt even compare to anything that I have seen in canada. People, buildings, stores, paintings, everything is just outstanding. I think that I could, in all honesty, spend my whole life, just walking around and looking at beautiful architecture that is found in every roof top and corner of this magnificient city. Its honestly great.

After landing in the early hours in the morning, we were immidiatly taken to a hostage, where we left our stuff and were told to go directly to lunch and then directly for a four hour tour around paris by bus! only being able to see, but not stop and enter the beautiful paces. That wasn't awesome, but then again it allowed me not to have to walk around paris looking like I had just been unable to use a shower for three weeks, and still see the sights! which was great!!

after a long long long long long day, I was finally able to take a shower, eat dinner and go to bed! but there were some things that i had noticed about the people and the places that I had been in Paris, and their differences when compared to Canada, so I wrote them down and deciede to share them!!

1) no matter your strenght in french, everyone speaks to you in french because there are so many different accents found around the country that they just assume that you have a wierd one :)

2) People here are very touchy. to great, no matter who or when or for what occasion, its alway a double kiss, on either side of the face, inlike the easier, HEY WHADDUP with a casual wave of the hand that I tried...

3) Every single person in france is well dressed. Everyone, be them babies or elders dress formidablement. Even beggers on the street are better dressed then some people in Canada that go to school

4) At all the important buildings and places there are army guards circulating everywere with their guns in hand and looking out for any trouble. it is not very pleasant, and kills the moment

5) bearly anyone on the streets or in train stations are plugged into their ipods. everyone is reading a book or the paper, or just walking... and smoking. seriously, everyone smoke, EVERYONE.

6) hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaha IT WAS PLUS 17 TODAY!!!! HAHAHAH <3 love you.

7)  no where is really wheel chair accesable... sorry mom <3

8) Baguette is eaten all the time at every meal during every hour of the day! its crazyy.

9) People who are older then you require respect and you have to show it to them. you dont sit in class until the teacher says you may be seated... wish someone woulda told me... but no... thats cool... im a little innocent canadian girl...hahaha

10) Appariently, asking for change for a five dollar bill  to use the bathroom from the only store in the whole train stations, without purchasing murchandise which consited of magasines and pens and gum and chips, is totally and un thinkably rude and just unthoughtof. If this happens, the clerck will then present herself looking like a bull that has just seen red for the first time, which gives you the signal pretty clearly to get out if you want to live. or so i have herd..

Baisically those are just a couple things that I found interesting and different about France! haha some good some diffrent some just unpleasant. CRAZY FRENCH LADY!

After having a great sleep, I woke up, had breeakfast, was taken to the train station, borded a train, and arrived in ARGENTAN!!

Juliette and here mom were there to greet me with open arms, and took me right back to her house to have a bit of lunch and then tour the city and allow me to attend my first class. it was phisique. it was a fail. i understood nothing and the teacher was crazy! haha its so true when people say that teachers here really are not interested in being friends. ohhh baby! was she uniterested. after that we walked around her cute little town, peeked into shops and restaurants and then returned back to her house to eat dinner and slleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp <3 .... which I soon realised I could not do because I wasnt tired enough that it over took my excitment! oops.

TODAY I WENT SHOPPIINNGGG!!! that was so awesome! Juliette and I woke up and went for a run in the french campaign with her dog, then returned and went to get her friend, whom we then brought with us to Caen, where we spend the whole day eating french pastries and window shopping and just having a good time!

we then went to meet Juliettes sisters and had a really nice and simple dinner @ a chinese restaurant. even chinese food is better, lol

After that, we returned home, to the position that I presently find myself in typing this. haha
Anyway, that, in a pretty little nutshell, is the just of what I have been doing, I probs didnt explain it as well as i should have... but thats ok! I have three months to improve :)

Alrighty then!!
talk to you soon :)
Jenny !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We be on our way

Dearest Internet,
Today was quite the day!
I was able to spend it, every part of it, with everyone that I LOVE and am going to miss like crazy.
BUT! yay me! I have still managed to not cry! weeoo!
ANYWAY! tomorrow is the big day! plane leaves at 650 in the evening in which I will be leaving from Toronto, Canada and landing in Paris, France :) yay!
While thinking about my departure, and considering I am going to embarrass myself just by writing this stupid blog in the first place, I have decided to embarrass myself some more and let everyone know what I am going to miss most about this dear homeland of mine-
1) maple syrup.
2) blueberries
3) peanut butter
4) onion rings
5) moccasins
6) sweat pants! big time!
8) skiing
9) pretty maple trees
10 ) FAM JAM
11) English
12) knowing people

other then that! ROCK ON FRANCE ! here I come :)
When i get there it will be 830 in the that should be interesting because, apparently, I will be going to a welcome to France party that night...great! ha ha not like I'm not excited! I just like being able to yannow, think and be able to talk with my eyes open, so I guess i will have to adjust! Which will be totally fine, because I will be so excited anyway ha ha

I just am so excited! ah! I don't even know what to do! Finally finished packing! 48 lbs! awesomeness! leaves room for stuff to come back ;) ha ha SHOPPING? i think so!

anyway, yeah so, France tomorrow!
I guess ill post when I get there ha ha :) with pictures hopefully!! :)
hopefully, if you read this you totally don't think I am a conceded freak who likes to talk about herself..or pathetic...cause that would be..not good.