Saturday, January 29, 2011

First blog ever

This one goes out to the...Internet? not particularly sure how this works but hey, whose reading :P
Anyway, so in about 7, or 8, or 9 day I am going to debark on one of the biggest adventures of my life so far. I'm kinda scared for the plane ride and the new..Continent, and I am also sad to be leaving my friends and family (duh who wouldn't be.)  :( but I am really excited to learn about a new culture and a new way of living ( as stupid and ridiculously corny as that sounds! ) but, all in all I am pretty pumped! :) I just really hope my french can pick up and I can communicate with...the population of France, if I can't, I'm not sure what I'll do, or do I ?.. how about I just get some french guy who is surprisingly handsome and knows English to tag around me for the whole time!and he can communicate for me!!? OMG I am so smart sometimes! that's officially plan...A :P
Beside that, I still have to figure out a bunch of stuff about how this works and how to load pictures...
but, pretty much just wanted to tell myself that I am writing you as your final days as a Canadian... until you get back! GOOD BYE CANUCK DAYS! I am officially moving on to a more...sophisticated? cultured? mature? way of life ? looks like im about to find out... haha



  1. yay! jenny is leaving!!

    haha jk, i'm going to miss you, and i will check this blog allll the time, so you had better update it very often!!

  2. ehehehe A COMMENT! YAY ME! jkjk, ok...ill try, suuuper sorry if it gets boring and lame :( lol

  3. hahah great job u loser!
    ill be reading this every day so make sure to keep me posted on everything!!!