Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Last Three Days!

Dear Internet-
Hope all is well, as per usual! :D
Ok, so everyone keeps telling me how fast this exchange is going by and how they hope I enjoyed every moment and how they are so jealous of me. Every time I hear this I always end up thinking the same thing. So, because I really feel like talking about it, I have decided to use it as the beginning of this last blog, or last blog, at least until I get back home, who knows, maybe I will continue to do random rants on random things when I get back...wouldn't  that be fun! LOL Just kidding! I would never do that to you. :P
Anyway, so like I said, I always end up thinking the same thing, and even though some disagree, this is what I think, personally about this great experience! First off, I do not think that time went by too quickly, I mean sure, it went past pretty fast but, as stupid as this may sound, it really went by at the perfect speed to enjoy everything, while being able to look forward to the next thing, and think about all the things you have been able to do. I am not too too sure, but I know that I enjoyed my experience to the fullest, and got a lot out of it, educationally and being able to REALLY have a change in my normal day to day life, and for three months. I find that this exchange really allows you to appreciate that day to day routine, and your own way of living. Now, I hope you don't take that the wrong way, and think that I did not like the life I lived here, that is not true! I did like it here, I am with a great family, in an adorable little town, in France, and have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world, that being Venice, Spain, and Paris <3. Its just that, its almost as if, OK seriously don't laugh, but you know how some people ask 'do we really have a place', well, its not like I am trying to be all philosophical, because, hahahah that's not exactly my thing, but I just feel like, there is actually a place for me back home, and its like ( I don't know if someone has already said this in some book or interview or something.. haha) its a big puzzle, and currently, my piece has been removed and replaced by....well, whoever my brother is renting my room out to ;), no but seriously, its weird. I guess what I am trying to say is that, I think that I am really ready to get back to MY life, instead of living in someone elses', and ... (sorry I have to say this cause its too corny not to) re-fill my missing puzzle piece space : ).
However, there are many things, ( no kidding ) that I am going to miss about this experience, so, as per usual, I have made one of the dependable lists, of what I am going to miss!
Here goes-
1) Being this close to Paris and casually being able to take a short train trip to the most pulchritudinous ( yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahh I thesaurus-ed that word because the word beautiful wasn't substantial enough..and my vocabulary, due to lack of reading, is not big enough to come up with another word to truly define what I think of Paris, so I figured a big word that no one will know... or at least I didn't know.... :D) city in the world! :)
2) All the bakery's and the Delicious treats that are always on display!
3) Talking in french and finally, after three months, being able to hold a steady conversation in French! ( HOWEVER! FUNNY STORY TIME- Ok so, when we went to Paris last week, Juliette's dad was really set on taking us to an American Burger restaurant, known in Paris to have the best burgers, so, we walked for like a good hour,and finally found it! ( PS- Yeah, my burger , that I ate, puts shame to the average American standard burger that is so well know, SHAME.) Anyway, so we walk in, and I am with a french family right, so you would normally assume that I belong to the family right? Cause I am with them... speaking french! Well, Well, WEEEELLLLL apparently not, apparently I am wearing a big fat sign that Read's " I am English, speak to me in English", because the first thing that happened was, when the waiter came to our table, Juliette ordered, followed by Michel, and the Chantal ( note: they all ordered in french, and the waiter responded in French ), and then it was my turn... 'And what would you like Miss? ' EXCUSE ME! PAAAAAAAAAARDON!!! WHAATTTT! I was actually ready to just... I don't even know, but I do know that, apparently, my accent for sure hasn't improved that much, apparently! OUCH.) For the rest of the lunch, I continued to speak to him in french and all I got was 'Thank you!' 'Enjoy your meal miss.' 'How would you like your steak? Medium or rare?' 'Have a nice day!' URRG! But that's OK, it provided a good laugh for the whole family....minus me...but that's
4) I would say school, but I am so excited to get outta there!
5) French music on the radio! I have actually started to really like it!!
6) Train rides !
7) Doing nothing in class and not feeling bad about it ( I guess I will miss that about school!)
8) Horses! JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHA Still foes not friends! :) Although, I have made progress in appreciating their beauty ... :)
9) Some of the friends that I have made here, but, many of them plan on coming to Canada! So I really hope that that works! Wouldn't that be so much fun! :) !
And although there are many more things that I am going to miss and have been very fond of, I think that I am going to leave it at that before I... well, before you ...well I am not entirely sure why I am stopping, I just feel like, maybe I will get sad if I continue!! ha. JUST KIDDING, I am just really lazy ... sorry! But I guess it could actually be good because this way you don't have to spend half an hour reading about some girl who is going to miss a bunch of stuff... BORINGGGGG!
Anyways, so I don't really know what else to say! I mean, I have talked about a lot, I guess in these blogs, and I kind of just wanted to use this last one a small reflection, and I think that I have done that? I don't know, there is so much more to say, but I would much rather tell everyone in person, then have to type it, soo.. yeah! lol
I guess, I will see everyone, well, maybe not exactly 4 days! But hopefully soon enough! :)
Jenny :D

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